Not Just About the War of Warcraft!!!


I am sure everyone has heard about World of Warcraft(WOW). Either from playing video games in general or from last week’s episode of South Park. For people who don’t know about WOW, it is an online internet multilevel game. It plays like many role playing games where there are a group of people fighting against other groups in order to build up their player’s stats(magic, strength, defense, and whatever), there really isn’t any ending.

Why the hell do you care about WOW?

There are a few reasons why I feel strongly about writing about WOW, firstly Blizzard has an incredible business model that keeps their existing customer base loyal and coming back for more and secondly I see the ill effects of what it can do to a person(my youngest brother).

1) The Business

I don’t know what else Blizzard develops, but I have a good feeling that WOW is it’s bread and butter. Like any video game WOW sells the actual game and also patches that will enable you to experience another part of WOW or the fight a different game boss. However, WOW also implements a monthly charge of membership in order to play the game. You can’t cheat the system and fellow members will gladly pay. Honestly most of the members really get the best bang for the buck(because they play for too many damn hours per day). The aspect that WOW really shines in is the social network of meeting people online to complete a mission or task together. In this day and age people do not want to let each other down and will totally commit into doing a similiar mission the following day.

2) My Bro

He is totally hooked. I would say he spends nearly 10 hours a day playing and chatting with his group on WOW. He doesn’t feel that he is addicted, but will literally not go out or do things at certain times of a day because his team has a mission to do during that time slot. The only good thing that I see out of the game is that I know where he is most of the time of the day and that he is safe. I believe that he has been playing for at least 4 years and nothing seems like it will stop him anytime soon. There have been many suggestions that we have presented him, but none of it has worked. However, it is ultimately up to him to see what he wants out of his life.

What is your WOW?

No matter how funny, scary, and puzzling the World of Warcraft is we all have our own World of Warcraft. It is we either do it for a living(our jobs), passions(hobbies, entrepreneurship, reading 3 books a week), or doing nothing we all do something that takes over our lives. I am not a perfect person and will never be perfect, but there are many things that I am working on myself that I tend to over do. It is okay, we just have to realize what we want our lives to be about and try our best not to limit ourselves to one defining “THING“, because life is to big to keep it trapped in our obsessions.

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  1. […] What Consumed Me? Many of us are like this, whether it be music, school, cars, computers, sports or whatever else we like to do specific things more often than others and at times it consumes us. I mentioned something similiar in a past article found here. The shocking truth to this quote is that JJ still didn’t understand what his ex-girlfriend was saying and in life most people don’t take the time to step back and realize their own situation and how it is effecting them. At a time in my life I was one dimensional, I dreamed, sweated, intoxicated myself with the world of automobiles. I still love them, but I don’t let it totally consume me as it did in the past. Whenever I would talk to people automobiles will always come up some way; had tons of friends that loved automobiles; tried to go to as many racing event’s as much as possible; I read tons of car magazines and books; and watch television shows and movies that dealt with cars. […]

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