November: 2 More Months to Go

It has been a month since I’ve started my challenge of writing my novel. I learned many things about myself and the dedication that I put forward towards this challenge. If I want to do anything, I can do it, it just depends on how bad I want to do something. I don’t need to know how to make the goal happen, that will come with time.

What Did I Learn From my Novel Writing?

However, I did realize that I have many loose ends in my writing. It is something that will take me the rest of the year to make my goal of getting it done by the end of the year. It is okay. I plan to also enter this writing competition and will need to edit a passage of my novel to make it contest ready. This step of editing and reediting is what I will be doing sometime next year with my whole book altogether. I’m looking forward to that moment and will see how I do with this particular task in the coming week.

What Did and Didn’t Get Completed

I didn’t complete all of my goals for last month. I didn’t finish my website for my photography business. I will work on getting that done this and also next week. I was able to upload most of my photos, now I need to incorporate a template website with what I have right now as a website. I also have to coordinate with my web host to get help of uploading the proper software onto the server. Once I finish with uploading all of my photos I will deal with making my website look presentable to my audience and people in general. This is actually one of the few times where I have fooled around with website design on my own–the process is fucken tedious, but well worth it.

Plans for This Month and Next

I will be starting a new workout plan this week. I will still keep up with my walking, however, I will input a workout plan from my girlfriend. Once that is establish I will input P90X. This month will be tricky, I will explain that soon, but I will have to still be diligent with transforming my body to something I’ve dream about from time to time. I might even provide a workout plan for people who want to lose some weight. I think that it is different than what people are used to and is super easy to implement in one’s daily routine.

Personal Time is Key for The Rest of the Year

Now I’m about to stop writing and get on the task that I have upon me. I have noticed that if I write less in the blog, I get more things accomplish and feel better about my life. I still believe that I need to cut more out of my life. I need to give more time to activities that I care about and also give myself some alone time to collect my thoughts and to recharge for whatever I want to do.

I don’t have a specific agenda for the rest of the year. Just to get my novel done, continue to workout, and to get my photography website and my learning of the skill done. Those 3 activities will keep me busy and look forward completing them.

2 responses to “November: 2 More Months to Go”

  1. Oke the process or writing, re-writing, and editing is a process that you will find truly has no end. However the merits of sticking with it more than pay off the initial time invested as you will get noticeably better at it. In other words keep it up bro noble what you’re doing. Lastly look up arbitrage, very interesting.

  2. Thanks, man, I’ll keep it up. I think I can make it to my goal by the end of the year if I write a couple of 4-6 hour days. I’m noticing that my editing is coming along relatively easy now; I just have to read more and see how others write in the process.

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