One More Day and Lessons Learned About Myself

This challenge is almost over and I think I’m the happiest person. I learned so much about myself and want to let everyone know.

I Can Do Anything

Yep. I knew that before and now I know that even more. I simply can do anything. If I wanted to go to medical school and become a doctor I can. If I wanted to be a professional engineering I can. If I want to write plenty of books and become the photographer I want to be, I can and will. I can do anything. I know that the past couple of years I have experienced so much change in me and love the fact that if I want to do anything then I can. Knowing that and seeing example that I have been taking the steps that I want to is extremely empowering.

The key to anyone doing anything in their lives is want to. You have to want to do it. People ask me how do I do things and stick to it. I tell them I just love doing it. I use time in a way that I set aside for what is important to me. You can always figure out what is important to you by the activities you do the most. If you want to read many books a week and you are using your time to watch television all day than you just really love watching television. And that is even okay, as long as you want to do that thing. That is the main reason I have with people watching so much television. They say that they want to do more in their lives and don’t do it. They just watch television until they feel it is too late to learn something new and on their mind. Believe it or not I actually watch 5-10 hours of television per week. I choose to because it helps me unwind and see what may interest me in other things that I like to do.

Setting priorities is extremely important and once one realize what is important then it makes life easier to manage.

Habits Are Formed With Routine

This is another common sense phrase that we have heard. It makes perfect sense and all, but hard to implement. The example of me writing in this blog everyday for a month was something that was a thought. I wrote the first day, then the second and so on. At first it was a burden but then got to a point that it was second nature. The same thing was felt through my writing everyday. We are people of habits and we can choose to do something if we want to.

We just have to realize that it is hard as shit in the beginning and easy after that. Remember that the bad patch of routine doesn’t last long. That goes with anything in life and us figuring out what is important to us helps us to devote the proper amount of time to the cause that we care about.

There Are No Excuses for What’s Important

You’ve heard the statement that I don’t have time for that. And everyone knows that is bullshit. Money is important and that is the main reason why we go to work. But you don’t actually want to do that. I know having a vacation and spending time doing what you want to do is more important to you, but we just don’t do that enough or at all. We can make excuses every single day and look up and wonder what the hell we have done in our lives.

My Next Two Projects for the Rest of the Year

I’m extremely happy with my two projects that I’ll be doing for the rest of the year. I’ve told a couple of people and it all deals with the vision of my business that I want to take forward into the new year. Now that I have let it all sink in and realize what I’m up against, I’m glad that I’ve given myself two months to complete them both. At times I think I give myself too short of deadlines in order to push myself. But now that I have time I will make sure I do them to the best of my ability. And guess what? I’m not even announcing what they are. Yep. If you really to know then you can send me a message. But I’m doing this for myself to see how dedicated I am in my projects and besides I think that being self-motivated and accountable to oneself is a powerful thing for someone to have. I will announce the projects and what I have done in the past two months at the beginning of the year.

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