Part 3 of California Trip May ’09

The Last Bit of my Vacation

This is the last post of my trip to California that happened a couple of weeks ago. I go back and forth when it is the best time to write my vacation trips. Some of them are right after, others are a couple of months later, and at times I don’t even feel like writing. When the latter happens I think and ponder over the life lessons, but for the most part can’t really see how the trip has changed me in any way.

I talked about the trip up to the ocean shore house. I haven’t talked about all of the activities, for instance: the horse back riding, playing endless hours of Nintendo Wii,  how was it a shock that there were a good handful of the people reading on the trip (I had Reader’s Block after the craziness of last month), palatable dinners with cool people with the t.v. not even a part of the event, a couple of times of quiet-quick-bed-barely-moving sex, starting the day with a beer, and whatever else I’m slowly forgetting. The trip was needed. I still think I need another vacation. I am getting back into my normal routine of waking up early, working out, writing, going to work, and whatever else. I’m still racing home for no good reason. I am watching more t.v., due to the NBA playoffs (I can’t wait for it to be over, so I can eliminate the television as much as possible). I play with my pimp camera. I look at the pictures on the wall that my uncle graciously painted for me. I see all of the things that I have and all of the same things I don’t even use.

My ideal Day

I constantly think of the next step in my life. I want to rest and be alone as much as possible. I want to stop the mundane and do something I get full-gratification from every single day. I don’t know why I think of this, so much now. I think I just have to do it. But, my ideal day, would be me waking up at the time I do (4 a.m.), running 2-3 miles, coming back and writing for an hour, walking the streets of downtown or whatever else that is a mystery to me with my big-ass-bazooka camera over my shoulder. I would take many photos of the buildings, more importantly of the people (homeless and ‘9-5’ers’). I will also bring my flip video and record what was going on around me and interview people as they went on with their busy days. I know for sure I wouldn’t have a watch nor a cell phone anywhere on my body. This is the thing that keeps flashing in my mind.

I’m A Jealous Person

I envy those people who are at home with no job and don’t know what else is next in their lives. I envy does people who are taking the risk to start and grow a business. I envy those who are not constantly thinking of the future and if their lives have any significant meaning. I envy those who wake up and go to work everyday, as if they are making an impact in the world. I envy those who enjoy life for what it is and not worried about changing the world. Yep, I said it, I’m a jealous person. Who would of thought a person that has a lot of things figured out in his life would be jealous of other people.

Lessons Learned or Prolonged?

I don’t know if I learned any of the things I just mentioned from the trip a couple of weeks ago. It was probably already in me and now it just came rushing out. I had to give my body and mind a chance to be totally honest with each other. It feels so good to let it be known to the world.

Now What?

So, now what? Am I actually going to do anything about my constantly-moving-into-oblivious mind controlling my life? I don’t know. I guess a little bit of both: some movement and some more figuring things out. I am going to attempt a business idea that has been in me for at least a month now. I haven’t done a business in a couple of years and feel excited to start one up again. I will continue to write and build up my writing portfolio: finish my book by the end of the year and continue to write essays and short stories. I will walk around more with only my digital camera in hand and see what I capture. I will get out more and see what Houston and other places have to offer, who knows, I might take the leap and move somewhere else to get a feel of the world from a different place. And, whatever else, we’ll see.

For the most part, my vacation trips are magical. I ponder about my present state, where I want to go next, and see how the past can help me move forward. 4 days in a house that was away from civilization isn’t long enough. Or, it could be long enough, to figure out what’s next in my not much, but at times myopic view of the world.

Here are a couple of photos that still fascinate me from the magical weekend, a couple of weeks ago, soon to be a couple a months ago, eventually a year ago, and so on…

Link again to the rest of the photos: Timber Cove, California

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