Part 3 of Making Work Work for Me

The experiment is done.

I will continue to do what I need to do in order to get better.

But, what did I learn from this experiment?

Between the planning, doing, and development of systems, I have noticed there will always be distractions. I wanted to get so much more done, but with planned meetings, a loss of motivation, and putting a foundation for success in place, I noticed that I was still running around feeling lost. However, this awareness has given me more ideas to prepare myself for incidence like these. For instance:

Generate multiple types or one comprehensive calendar that shows when projects are due, what events I have for the week, the time constraints of deadlines, and the projected amount of time I’m going to use on a project.

Have areas in my cubicle that will be organized in a way to get more work done. I have set up some areas already, but will still have to continue to get rid of clutter and dead weight material around my area. There are still many papers that I don’t know the use of, until my boss comes to me wanting to know where something is. So, for now, I will keep them in order and leave them alone.

To-Do list. This is by far one of the task that I had to do more of. Sure I can perform this task by computer, but the simple fact of writing things down and crossing them off the list is gratifying. Besides, I can add tasks on the go and easy to implement them.

Doesn’t seem like much, but is something that wouldn’t have gotten done if I didn’t challenge myself this week into doing so. Now I can continue to take those steps in order to continue to improve as a better employee (that sounds funny coming from me).

Who Gives a Fuck and What About the Future?

Nobody should care about what I’m doing for myself. All I expect is people to see what is holding them back in there lives, specially at work, and take whatever steps they need to be a better person, and at least free up some time that will allow the person to think about what they truly want to do in their lives.

I keep referring back to the future. I keep everything in perspective with where I see myself in less than a year. Many people don’t believe me when I say that I’m going to leave Corporate America, next year around this time. I shouldn’t even care about other people, I have to continue to do me and slowly knock things off of my list. And besides, this whole “becoming a better employee”, will make me a better business person, writer, photographer, and whatever else I decide to do. That is all that I want and am striving to make happen, which is the point in the first place.

I’ve Stopped Helping

Why would somebody, who, is all about following your dreams and doing you stop caring and helping other people?

Because it is a big waste of time, depressing, and decreases the motivation to continue in his own path. I thought that I cared about other people’s passions and goals in life, but WHY, and this is a big WHY–WHY should I care about some bodies passion or walk in life more than that person?

Giving people exercises to do, calling, and I guess harassing them on a daily basis, have given me the impression that if these people doesn’t care, like I do about their life, than I’m simply setting myself up for failure.

So, if somebody wants help, they have to show, do, an express that they want whatever it is they want out of their lives. Even though this is a hard action to swallow for myself (I’m so used to helping), it will ultimately free me up to do more for myself.

If you have made it this far, have a great weekend, I know I will with my 3 days off…

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