People Change Just as the Seasons…

Change change change. It has probaly been talked about quite a bit on this blog, but it is what it is and whenever I do see it it puts a different thought in my head and start to reflect on my life.

Too soon for me, but not for others…

I have two friends that are going to get married next year and both of them are 26. One has dated his girlfriend for over a year before he proposed to her. The other is going to do it really soon, propose that is and he has been with her less than 6 months. When he told me this I was speechless and there was really no need for me to try to talk him out of it because the once people make up their mind, they have and really can’t relate because I am not feeling the way he is feeling at that moment. People will ultimately make up their mind and they are going to be the one who deals with the situation anyways.

So what about you?

I don’t know when I will be ready to get married, I am no where finish “playing” and is only going to get better with the new place next year. I know that some people will never get married and will live that lifestyle of chasing women, others it is love at first sight or first lay, but I still think everyone has a choice to make on where they want their lives to go. There has been many of times people have tried to give me advise and I wouldn’t if hear what they were saying because I was already set in my ways of what I want to do. Then again there could be that one girl, that one trip, that wrong turn that will change your life forever and we will know it and we will also know how to response to it.

What did I learn?

We all know that we all change in our lives and we are the only ones that live through the heartaches, struggles, celebrations, or whatever due to that change. In both of my friend’s situations they are experiencing some change right now and will continue to. Their relationships with their respective woman, parents, friends, and the way they see the world. Just by the way the relationships are with these people right now I know it may already becoming to an end. I can’t dwell over this and just have to realize that as I thought that I was changing so much and becoming somebody that my friends could relate to they also adjusted and formed that new meaning of the friendship.

So we are always going to change until something stops happening and the only way to go on is to embrace change, stop thinking about it, and just live. Just live and do whatever we want to, just do it, all will take care of itself.

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