Photography and Life: The Only Thing on my Mind!

I didn’t write shit this past month. I’ve realized that it is much easier to spend my time doing things that occupy my time and keep me interested in life. I don’t think any of those things would be worth me writing.

A quick status report with me is that I’m trying to do things on the side. I’ve ways to make this happen and will try them all. Another thing is that work is fine, I’m about to move to my house with my fiance and enjoying waking up every morning and seeing what I get accomplish.

However, it is a new month. I’ve given myself some goals that will help spring my year into new levels and such. I’ve been on this photography kick and will do something that will blow my mind away and just help me figure out what I want to do.

So, this month, my crazy goal is to learn everything I possibly can on my camera. This will be reflected by the photos that I take.

Later on this week or whenever I feel like doing it, I will put up some of the photos I’ve taken so far this year.

2 responses to “Photography and Life: The Only Thing on my Mind!”

  1. You really have an entrepreneurs’ mind Oke. Once you become interested in something you become frighteningly focused and completely dedicated with tunnel vision. That’s a very admirable quality my friend.

  2. Thanks, man! It is true that I go insane when I want to learn and do more of. It at times drives me crazy, but I like the way it goes.

    What things are you thinking of doing that have been on your mind?

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