Planning Week goals compared to Daily goals

I have been planning goals for quite sometime. They range from long term goals to short term goals. In a couple of weeks I will list my life long term goals, however this entry is about short term goals. Planning goals in life is essential to getting things done and gives a person a sense of accomplishment. I have been using iPrioritize for a couple of months now to keep me in check on day to day and weekly activities. However, just today I have switched over from a weekly to do list to a daily and so far have witness great improvement throughout the day.

Planning for the week…

This type of planning is vague, but can be effective if you have big goals for the week. There can be many components that are involved into a particular goal for the week. However, when I was planning my goals for the week they would be task that wouldn’t at all take a week to complete, probaly an hour here and there. But wouldn’t warrant a valid point as a priority and easily forgetting the task for the week all together.

Planning for the day…

After one day of trying this to do list I have seen myself more productive. I am constantly looking at my task for the day and making sure I complete them. I have made goals that are indeed attainable and also important that I get done for the week. Whatever that wasn’t on my list of goals for the day I didn’t feel bad about I simply put it on my task for the next day.

The negative of the Two

Weekly- Many small goals need to be completed before the acutally goal is completed.

Daily- Small goals probaly won’t amount to a large goal for the week. The small task may be getting things done, but not necessarily getting things done to complete a large task.


Plan for the week with emphasis that there will be small task that will have to be completed in order for the larger ones to be accomplished. Also, plan smaller routine task that will help you grow as a person. Whether it be reading 20 pages a couple of times during the week, exercising 3-4 times a week, spending time with friends, giving yourself rest from the daily grind, and etc. It is up to you to get things done.

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