Research Series Week: Part 2 – Making Work Work for Me

We know how much work sucks, whether we want to admit it or not, we spend so much time there and results in being super tired when we finally get home. But, there is a way pass all of this, there is something we can do about this whole dilemma.

What I Learned from my Uncle

I was talking to my uncle a couple of months ago about how he gets so many things done at work. He told me that he doesn’t do much, he is the supervisor and has develop systems, templates, and whatever else anyone can think of that will help him not spend time doing the same shit over and over again. He laughed about my situation and told me that I need to do the same thing. I pushed it off and continued to do what I did.

So, my thing now is to spend as little time with the repetitive, mundane activities and task that I perform constantly. There are plenty, and should be easy with the paperwork-driven nature of my job. This type of work system isn’t going to change at all and what I have learned is that there isn’t a point in me changing the status quo, I have to just do what I can to make my work-life easier.

Can’t Change the Makeup of Corporate America

I joke with my co-workers from time to time about how much work we actually do. There is so much time wasted in Corporate America, that it is frightening when you think of it. From the pointless meetings, to constant-communication with outlook and micro-managers, who are too lazy to do some of the work themselves, and so on.

Out of a whole week I have between 10 – 20 hours of actual work that will take 5-10 hours of concentration and output. So, the challenge that I have for myself is to increase my free time. I don’t know what I will do with this extra time, but I know it would be very beneficial regardless.

Automate Everything

I have to automate: timesheets, create templates of redundant work, create formulas and spreadsheets that will cut my work down from an hour to 10 minutes, and organize my cubicle in a way that will help me stay on schedule and produce the best work possible.

So, the next step that I’m going to do this week is to automate as much as I can and to clean the shit out of my cubicle. I already know what I use and what is taking up space. I will be ruthless of all of the clutter and jot down all the things that I need to automate. This will be done on top of all the work I have to do. This will be an interesting challenge and I will let yall know where this goes.

I will call this week, Automation Creation.

I wonder how much I will actually get done. I know it will take a couple of weeks to see what I learn and how much extra time I can free up to do other things I want to do. I will do an update of my findings next month, I will show pictures and whatever else I can think of that will give the impression of me doing more with my time, whether it be personal or work-wise.

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