She has finally landed and the difference of tasks

Well my day goals yesterday didn’t go as planned. I didn’t read 30 pages each in the current books I am reading right now (The Art of the Start and Small Talk) nor did I run my 2 miles. But I did quite a bit of work for my current venture which launched today. You can find the website at: Let me know what yall think. I will provide another entry of the business in a week.

Goals and Task can be misleading…

Yesterday I realized that alot of my task for the day or for the week have been mixed with important task for my business, routine activities, growing as a person, maturing and establishing relationships, and distractions. Some of the things that I put as priority are really not priority. They are things I want to do that don’t really amount to anything but alot of time. I am simply stating that if things are important then take care of them and not let the little things that start to add up in time be a distraction.

Today… No Goals or Task

Today I am going to do things that I feel that are important. But simply won’t know what they are until I feel a need to get done. I am not going to sleep all day, but let you know of my progress tomorrow. I think that everyone needs a day where they don’t plan anything at all, just go with the flow of it and see where it takes you.

Ja Mata


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  1. Dude .. you are confusing me 🙁 .. first .. set a daily goal .. now today .. no goals or task. you better wake up early and bring me some almonds

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