So did I accomplish my Goals for Last Month and New April Goals?

It is a fresh month and I am ready for what this month has to offer me. I didn’t complete all of my goals last month and the only excuse I have is that I started way too late, but I still didn’t do enough with my time when I had all the time in the world.

Things I’ve learned:

1. Being passive gets you no where– whether it be at work or just getting things done for myself nothing will get done if I sit on my ass and hope someone else will take charge in doing the task for me. Besides you come off as a lazy asshole who can’t make decisions on his/herself.

2. My passion is still strong– last month I only wrote only 1 post on my business/passion website and it felt great writing it. The only thing is that I have to come up with tons of photos with also having great topics to write about. I am going to go for the same goal that I set for myself last month.

3. Writing is also my passion– I didn’t write in my book and I believe the main reason is because my expectations that I set for myself were way to high of trying to finish it up this year. So my new plan of operation is to start with a short story, I plan to write a short story every week. I will post some of them here or will link them somewhere else. The stories will be fiction and also based on something about my life.

4. If something doesn’t work, then change it up– I have to be totally honest with myself of things that are not working for me. If I am not getting shit done, then it is time to do something else, enough said.


1. Finish Goals & Vision for the Year
2. Finish wording and photos for personal website
3. 10 blog post for
4. 10 blog post for
5. Finish 2 books
6. Write a short story per month
7. Start using planner
8. Continue to get rid of clutter

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