So, Yep, It’s Been a Minute…

This month is almost done and I’m sure you are wondering what I’ve been up to lately. Well, not much of anything, just working on part of my marketing plan that took a couple of weeks to write and now I’m in the “set-it-aside-and-do-something-else” phase. I always try to think of something spectacular to write and how I can perhaps help other people going through a similar situation, but I got nothing.

I believe it was last week, it could have been the week before, but I read this article about everyone having a different path and how everyone’s path and life, no matter how close they may be are still different. I liked that article. It spoke to me. The main reason it did was because I try every time to give advice from my perspective, the only one I am a master at. But you know, after reading that blog post, it set me free and confused me. I thought about how I was going to approach my blog writing now, how I felt that I can inspire people and if it was even worth it to even take other people into consideration. I still don’t have the answer to that and that I think is okay. I may not come back in the future to explain my new approach, I’ll just live it out and such.

Then, it was more like the same week or a week before I read another blog post about business and art. It talked to me instantly. That has been my journey throughout the year. Business and art are some hard stuff. And combining them together and making a living is even harder. However, that is where creativity comes in and we can make it out to be whatever we want. See, both of these articles, for the most part, go hand and hand. We have to do things for ourselves when it comes down to it and we have to challenge and frustrate ourselves in order to grow.

I haven’t asked my wife if I can put up an image that I took of her a couple of days ago, but it is a good example of what I mean about the struggle and getting better. I had an image in my head. I thought about how I can execute it. I then thought about the composition, the lights needed and so on. I used a piece of equipment that I haven’t used before and I had these crazy ambitions for this piece of equipment. My wife was perfect and did the things I wanted of her. But the image wasn’t coming out exactly the way I wanted it to. I thought about how frustrated I became and how this was going to be another failed photograph experiment. But it came out okay. It was close as possible to my insight in my head. I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t really get mad at something when I didn’t know what it would do.

I’m just talking right now and the matter of the situation is that right now I’m living. My next move in my business requires me to save and as I do that I don’t have much of anything that I want to do right now. So the living part is a phase that is extremely weird to me, because I’m so used to having a plan and executing it and letting that be my mode of operation. Let’s just say that I have so much idle time that I go crazy in my head at times and know that I need to chill out and be in the moment. I wonder how I will be when I am ready to get my business off the ground? I wonder if I will stop to look back and around and just enjoy the moment as I am doing now. I just have to keep that in my mind and just do and operate in the new me.

Each and everyday we choose to get better or just be the same. Even though it seems like all I’ve been doing is being the same, I feel different than I did a month or so ago when I noticed I was being the same. It’s interesting and I wonder if it will make sense more in the future or just when the thoughts are fresh in my mind? I don’t know, but I do like the challenge of just being a person who isn’t trying to rule the world right now, I’m in hibernation mode.

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