Starting over…

Don’t really know why I decided to write so soon but it is just on my mind. Starting over can mean alot of things, however it is good because the individual has realized some fault in him/her self and that it is only right to turn a new leaf on a particular part of their character that they feel that is flawed. I don’t think there is a need for me to say what it is, because it doesn’t really matter as long as the situation is fixed permanently until some other flaw arises.

So for now on I am going to say what I really feel and also respect people for their opions, but also put myself into their shoes. I will also suggest things when I think it because most of the time I believe that it can help someone out. This may seem like rambling, but it is really all thought out, it has been inside of me for awhile and today just showed that I am not changing and I am just still doing the same shit. So for now watch out, might surprise you of the person I will turn out.

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