The 11th Month so far…

This month…

So far so good. I guess it is up to me to determine how much goodness and happiness that I provide for myself. I have started on my knocking out my goals for this month already and it is going a lot slower than I want. My brother and I have decided to move out of our parents house and am looking to get a condo. So with dealing with that, explaining the situation with the parents, and being proactive with finding the right place I have put somethings on the back burner. I have also started to write more frequent articles on my business/passion blog and all is going well.
What’s really on Oke’s Mind?

Routine and transition are the things I dwell over way too much these days. Routine is good, but can drive you crazy with seeing results on a slow scale as time goes by doing that same thing. Transition is exciting and scared at the same time because you don’t know what to expect, but love the challenges that it presents because you are growing more as a person and might be the thing that gets you to do something big for your life.
It is time to email some famous people…

Yes I will be emailing people that are known for various reasons in my field of interest, automobiles, to get an idea from them what they think about that subject, about life in general, and how they tick. I don’t know how effective it is going to be but I will do it and let yall know how that went. We all have wanted to get a chance to talk to somebody that we look up to and very few of us actually do so. I am going to challenge myself to do so and see how that person is behind the television appearance, houses, and fame.
Invisible Man

I have read a little over 100 pages of this “great” book and have not found the greatness of it that it is suppose to have. I really don’t like to read previews of books and like to let the excitement come into action while I read. This book should be getting better soon, but I’ll let yall know how it turns out. The book is nearly 600 pages so I know it has the mileage to present results.

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