The Art of Becoming: There is a Path for Everyone.

My Writing…

My writing is getting better: I’m writing everyday, and reading. To become a writer I have to tackle all things: all that I’m reasonable at and all that I’m shitty at (which is a lot). I have a friend who turned me on to Merriam Dictionary Word of the Day. I needed it so so badly, as you can see my words are basic. I have found out that learning new words helps me express myself more and specifically. Now it is time to take my diction and whatever else that I learn along the way to a new destination.

Always Trying to Improve

So far, most of the things I write about are what I see around me and have gone through in my life. There isn’t a problem with that, I just need to find a better way of expressing myself to the readers who read my stuff. Whenever I do things, I tend to go to the extreme.

Earlier this month I sporadically started reading Urban Dictionary. As the month kept moving along I viewed the site more and more, and then I wanted to see if they had a book on Amazon. I read many reviews of other books in the same category, and made the quick decision to order, Talk the Talk: The Slang of 65 American Subcultures. I also bought Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing.

Every Path to Greatness is Peculiar

Most of the things in the world there isn’t a clear cut path to become anything. Yes, most of the things we have been taught have been to go to college, and then get a job, and we are all set after that. But, if there is something that you want to do, and you don’t know a way of doing so, a person has to forge their own path into finding the best way to learn.

When I started the year with this crazy goal of becoming a writer, I did the first thing everyone says to do of writing everyday. Next, I started reading everything that came my way. I changed the time I woke up during the work-week; I cut the bullshit from my life, and have talked to other writers. I got hooked onto improving my vocabulary by reading and learning a word a day. I continued to read publications that were in the field of writing. There are many ways to do things, we as humans, for the most part, choose the way that feels natural and straight forward for us as individuals. So, my way of doing things, will not work whole-heartedly for someone else.

I emailed a friend a couple of days ago asking her for help, because lately whenever I think and write an essay or anything for that matter, it turns out crappy. I have had a couple of successes for the first drafts, but many more that have been virtual paper basketballs that I’m visually throwing away. She told me that it isn’t about the first draft; it is about the constant editing of the material to get it right. A writer isn’t born over night, there is a constant belief of practicing and rereading of other author’s work to see the way they have described things. I told myself mentally that I’m going to get those same books, and see what she is talking about. But, more importantly, this is the way she developed her craft and still learning how to become the writer she is today.

Do That Comes Natural

Who knows, if this will work for me, but I know for sure, the constant practice of writing and then the repetitive nature of editing over and over and over is what improves the skill. I see all of the practice is in hopes to develop a voice that can better communicate to the reader. That’s it, something that simple, but very powerful is what I’m trying to improve upon.

So, whatever thing you want to get better in I advice you to keep doing that thing daily or weekly. I advice you to read books on the topic, but pick the things that are organic to you. I also advice people to talk to friends, family, and people you admire online and off. You never know who might know who, and who can give you that much needed break you need, with the preparation you have done. Even though we are the ones who have to show and do the things we want, we can’t do it alone; we can’t do it without people.

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