The Big Blog Post of The Month is Complete, but…

It is already done, it has been actually edited a couple of weeks now. I have given it out to a couple of people. The thing though is that it just isn’t safe for me to post right now. If I didn’t work where I work and if times weren’t tuff as they are now, I wouldn’t have a problem showing what I’ve done.

The thing that I’m talking about is my big blog post for this month.

It isn’t that I’m not proud of the writing, I feel excited that I was able to write what I wrote and to learn alittle more about who I am as an individual and in this case an engineer.

So, if anybody wants to even read it just send me a message using my contact page and I will send it your way. When all of the editing was all said and done it came out to 5 pages on a word document.

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