The Big October Challenge(s)

It has been a long time since I’ve written anything. The last post frighten a couple of people and some thought that I was going to kill myself. But, that is simply not true, besides, I have so much to live for.

I’ve already started this challenge and will post from time to time on the progress I’m making towards both goals.

The year is almost done and still is the best year of my life, so far. I’ve learned many things about myself through various challenges I’ve put myself through, and taken a dream and made it a reality. I’m already thinking of next year and how I want to push myself even more towards my passions, business endeavors, and family and friends.

The Novel Challenge

I still have plenty of plenty of fight in me this year and have started the last quarter of the year off grandly. What I have done and will continue to do for the month of October is to write everyday towards my novel. So far so good, the novel is picking up and now managing to provide content by averaging 1200 words per day.

I have an outline, but am going with the flow as I sit down to write, each and every morning. I even was committed to this challenge by writing at a Staples store because I didn’t write much that very day. The concern that I’m having trouble joggling is writing in my blog. Since I write everyday, I usually set a couple of times per week to write in my blog. However, lately, I’ve been only using that time for novel writing. I will see where I’m at and will see how I can use more time during the day for writing in general.

Getting Close to the End!

I’m almost finished with the novel! I still need to bridge the gap between the beginning and middle, but the second half of the book is moving at a surprisingly swift pace.

The Workout Challenge

Ever since the beginning of last month I’ve been running and performing a light workout. I even wrote a post about my saga with my weight. But now I can fit in most of my work pants and some of my dress shirts. I’m not finished yet, though—I’m still fat—I’m not at my ideal body image. I haven’t weighed myself and will not until I’m at the desired body look and feel. I know this isn’t conventional, but who gives a shit, we all do things differently.

The way I’m losing the fat is to run 3-4 times per week and for 3-4 miles per run. I do quite a bit of squats and not much pushups, but am more concerned with the cardio because it works tons faster than constant weight-lifting, besides, I have more muscle than fat and will be okay after I’ve lost the desired weight.

The Photography Website Challenge

When I was trying to go to sleep yesterday I was thinking about my photography and the gig I have next month. I’ve actually finished the website a couple of weeks ago, but to me it looks like shit and forgettable. This site is something that will bring me income and have to make it as presentable as possible. So, for the rest of the month, I’m going to get my website in as professional-looking shape as possible. I will show a before and after pic of the website early next month.

That is it!

These are the 3 challenges I’ve given myself. I’m ready to see how far I can go. I know that I will complete them, but more interested in the degree of the success that I will get.

2 responses to “The Big October Challenge(s)”

  1. Sounds good, man. I’ve started writing again (better late than never, right?), and the first post was easy — I actually did it at work since projects are slow. I’m glad to hear the novel is going well.

  2. It is good that you have started up again. I still have a long way to finish my novel, but will push through and get it done. I think at least once or twice I’m going to write for at least 4 hours. I need to write longer.

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