The Biggest Challenge of the Year (or Yet for me in my Life)

This actual challenge has been swimming in my head for the past two months. I thought it was a good idea for me to see if it is even possible, now is the time for me to just go out and see if it even is.

This challenge I’m about to embark in is the hardest challenge I’ve decided to do ever. It’s harder than writing a novel in 11 days. It’s harder than being a vegetarian for two weeks. It’s just hard and now I get a chance to see what I’m made of and to see with all of the distractions and whatever else I have going on in my life to see if I can get it done.

What’s the Challenge?

It’s a simple concept, but I think hard as hell to do: to make more money in a month on side hustle/gigs than my job. If I was keeping count, I’ve failed at this particular challenge every single month after getting out of school. I know that’s not even fair to me, but fuck it, it doesn’t matter, it’s worth me mentioning. I feel though this month is different. I feel that I can do it and actually more importantly I have a couple of ventures that can make the goal happen. Before in the past I was leaning towards my photography and how many gigs I can do for people. That way of doing stuff never really worked for me. It could be my impatience with people or people not feeling or valuing photography the way I did and just paying my rates. Whatever the case, it wasn’t happening.

The Ventures that are Going to Bring Me to the Promise Land

This is funny. I’m not telling. This isn’t a time to mention exactly what I’m going to be doing in order to make the money that I want for this challenge. The more important way of looking at this is that I have two things I believe in to make my goal happen. I will say though that in one of the ventures, I’m using photography quite a bit in order to not get questions from my customers and it is working out awesomely. Something I never knew was even possible.

Really What’s the Point of This

The only real reason anyone needs to know why I’m doing this is because I’m seeing if it is possible to have a income from something other than my day job. If I can’t make atleast what I’m making, than the things that I consider a real business will have to be changed or eliminated because I can’t go back to just depending on something I have no heart, drive or care to, even with my day job being my own source of income. I’m not saying that I will leave the place I work at right now (with time, yes), it gives me a real chance to see what I’m made of and take this challenge as serious as possible and go from there.

I keep on saying one life. That is all that we have. I’m doing something about it now and it is scary as shit, but I know that this is just another step to help me move into the direction and life that I constantly dream about daily.

I don’t know if I’m going to update everyone throughout the month. I might actually start using twitter for this very reason, but I’m going to put my head down and get to work. It also helps that I have some momentum already. I think what I will do is write a mid month report of where I’m at or do a video blog of it all. Just throwing some ideals down in my head, nothing really is set in stone. The most important thing for me is to work the plan and make money.

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