The Biggest Goal of the Month Explained

Today is a new day. As I was thinking about what I had planned today I didn’t think much about writing in the blog. I knew I had made the challenge and had to do what I had to do but something like doing this everyday is and will start to effect me. I just don’t know how yet.

As every month, I have plenty of things that I want to do. And even as I try to not do much the next month after the one before it, it always is harder in some ways.

The Main Goal of the Month

As I did in August, I’m going to do in October. I’m going to do a redesign of my photography business website. I know many people may be wondering why I’m doing another redesign. Well, the simple answer is that my target market has changed. Another good reason is the current state of the website doesn’t convert people to clients.

Most of the people who have looked at my website are people I know. Some people see the point of the website and the majority look at it as a nice site with pretty pictures. The focal point of the website is to get people to call me and I’m going to do that with strong copy, testimonials and showing people who I am as a photographer and what type of service and satisfaction I can bring them. Again, the status quo doesn’t do any of that. I had even one person mention to me that I need to delete the words and put more photographs up.

There are a couple of ways that worked well for me last time that I’m going to do this time, but have also going to implement a couple of ideas that I had a whole month to think about. I’m giving myself 3 weeks to complete this goal and will be more planning before I see what needs to be done.

The System Dictates What I Do

All of this new direction of the photography website has to do with the system I’ve established a couple of days ago. If I do something one way and the next week do something differently, than I don’t have anything that is a go-by. A system creates that and allows me to still be creative as I want. I’ll be showing my system out line in the next couple of days.

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