The Black and White Photographs, Why Do I Admire So Much?

I really just don’t know why I love black and white photographs so much. It could be the taking away of color and just seeing the image as raw, innocent and easier to interpret. I think it is more emotional and people react to it differently.

I was talking to a friend a couple of weeks ago about one of the photographs I took of a friend. He loved the photograph and thought that the guy was depressed and just had something on his mind that he didn’t want to share. He went on for a couple of minutes about how the photograph wouldn’t have worked any other way other than black and white.

Most of the time when I’m taking a photograph I don’t see the black and white aspect of the image until I’m looking back at them on my computer. Other times I’m actively seeking them out. Whatever the case they are magical to me and get my juices going more than anything. If I was to pick a black and white image of a person or a non-person I would mostly gravitate to the image of a person. People just bring out the best and at times the worst of themselves when they are stripped down.

Here is another image that I made black and white. I didn’t see it black and white, but it can work in that spectrum. The thing to remember is that black and white allows me to isolate the eye into the area of interest.

The oldness of it all is what has helped me to realize that is one of the most important elements to me. I love the different mood it creates for me and also people around me.

I’m going to continue to put some of my favorite images out there for all to see and will life to see what other people get from the photographs.

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