The day of no goals…

Yesterday was a good day. I actually got some things done that I wouldn’t have probaly done if I planned them. However, I did feel that I was forgetting to do something that was important.

Things done yesterday.

1. Finished up my brothers front brake job.

2. Took the intake manifold off my second car while listening to The Millionare Mind.

3. Told a couple of friends about cubeweek.

4. Read TOO many bogs.

5. Did some reading in the two current books that I am reading.

6. Ran for 2 miles.

7. Viewed cubeweek and wrote down some changes that need to be done.

The Verdict…

This day was greatly needed for a couple of reasons. We can get side tracked with having a to do list where it runs our lives. It makes life feel that if I don’t have anything planned then I am simply wasting every precious moment doing nothing of value. But that is not the case because life can’t be all about keeping busy, there must be a balance.

So what I suggest is that you set several goals. One is Life Goals that you set a timeline to complete. Then a yearly goal that pertains to some of your life goals and also things you want to change about yourself in general from the previous year. Next, monthly goals that will help set accomplishments for the weeks to come. Weekly goals set the table for the week(well duh), however you want to set daily goals so that you can achieve the weekly goals. Also to also set a day or two where you don’t set any goals, you simply just go with the flow of things.
If done properly it will be a domino effect where things get done without you really wondering about. After awhile you will not feel that you are setting goals or task, it will feel natural getting things done.

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