The Education Series, Part 3.

The intent, purpose and reasoning for this discussion on Education is to get people to realize that we don’t stop learning. We at times and more than anything we learn what we want to learn. We read the books, magazine, television shows or whatever we find interesting. We actively take interest in what is important to us and don’t feel the need to do what we don’t want to.

I have now realized that education is extremely crucial in our lives because of the simple fact of knowing. Think of a time where you didn’t know much of anything. You just didn’t know. You didn’t know what you didn’t know. I’m sure it wasn’t a big deal to you and that you managed okay without knowing that information you had no clue of not knowing. But now think of the time you knew something that you didn’t know before. How did knowing that piece of information affect the way you saw things? Did it help you in your life, at work, or apply the knowledge in ways you didn’t think possible?

I’m sure it did help you out. I’m sure you felt that you knew something that will help you out tremendously in whatever you were trying to do.

Going back to the argument of not knowing is ignorance. If you just don’t know than how will you ever get to places that you didn’t think were possible? You look at your future self and you see a person that is on fire and knows what he or she can and will accomplish. You know that there is tons of learning that is needed for you to make it where you want to be. But you don’t do it. You continue to do the same things that got you there. You didn’t apply yourself as much as you wanted to and now you are the exact same person you were 10 years ago. Applying yourself to learn and grow is what is going to help you see the active and positive change in your life.

A Personal Example.

I’ve said this a couple of times, but here it is again. When I came out of school I didn’t know anything. I knew that. I was just into automobiles and could talk to you for minutes about what car to purchase and what to look for if a problem is arising. I just knew my stuff and still do to this day. But that was all that I knew. I wanted to get more into current events, I wanted to learn about things that I didn’t know I would like or not. So I began to read what I wanted to read and also what I didn’t. I started to do and expand my mind in ways formal education couldn’t teach me. I tried new activities and developed a knowledge of not just knowing but knowing through action. I loved everything that I was capable of and knew that this learning thing wasn’t bad. I became a more balanced person, somebody who I admired and wanted to be around. I still to this day cherish the self education of the world I got for myself and the continue effort of learning, growing and gaining knowledge.

If I continued on that same path of just knowing about automobiles and nothing else I would be a classic tool that would extremely immature of the world around me. Education has helped me to realize that we can do anything that we want to do. We can express ourselves differently if we want to. We can focus and get plenty of activities accomplish if we want to. We just have to want to do it or just stay stagnant in our lives and I’m sure nobody wants that.

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