The Franchise Business of the NBA

There are many successful business structures out there and one of the models that are seen so much are franchise businesses. The uniqueness of franchises is that all of them operate on the same business model and plan the main difference is that they are in different locations. A franchise main goal is to produce similiar results as all of the other franchises no matter what the circumstance (well that really depends on location, people that are hired, and other factors). Some of the most popular franchises are McDonalds, Walmart, 7-Eleven, Burger King, and many more fast food restaurants. All of the sport’s teams are franchises and one of the popular sports is the NBA (National Basketball Association).

NBA Structure and Restrictions

The NBA consist of 30 teams spread out all across America including one team in Canada. They all have the same business model and business plan (this varies slightly due to different locations and markets). Not everyone can own a NBA team, but just the pure excitement of owning a professional organization has got to be one of the biggest joys of a businessman. Not only does an owner have to worry about making money they also have to put together the right combination of coachs and players to win a champion title. All teams are regulated for everything; whether it be salary cap, words said about referees would result in a fine, length of shorts, mandatory meetings and post game interviews, and so on. Some people may feel that with all of the restrictions it is not worth it being an owner in the NBA. However, I think a person has to get creative with all of the restrictions and that is the beauty of owning a NBA team or other sport teams with many rules and guildlines.

Beating the Odds of Restrictions

Here is an example of a business owner beating the odds. Mark Cuban has been the most popular owner for the NBA for the past couple of years. He is crazy, animated, and a smart businessman. He literally transformed the mentality of the organization that rarely went to the playoffs to a team that is expected to make it to the Western Conference Championship every year. Mark Cuban has also been fined many times because of his attitude and comments to the commissioner. But he still stayed true to himself and has found a way to make his system work for the Dallas Mavericks.

Not all are Created Equal

NBA teams have had their share of movement due to a shitty place to market the team, disagreement with owner and city on new sports arenas, and so on. The current system isn’t going to be the same if the team doesn’t continue to improve. The story usually goes like this, team do good = owner and players get paid and everyone happy or team do bad = everyone complaining, blaming each other, and there needs to be a change. There are tons of coaches, general managers, and scouts being fired and players being traded and the process continues.

The Systems in the Business of the NBA

Each team consist of the owner, president, vice president, general manager, scouts, coaches, free throw specialist coach, trainer, market experts, players, and so on. Everyone plays a role to make the whole business run and that allows the owner to increase revenue and profit for the company. There are tons of things that I am leaving out, but you can already see that the NBA and other sports franchises are very complicated, but it works and that is the most important thing.
Everyone Working Together to Complete a Task With the Big Picture in Sight is Beautiful.

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