The frustrations of getting shit done in a business.

  • Miscommunication
    • Excuses
    • Other things more important
    • Not enough time in a day

    Many Problems can be Minimized

    All of these examples are some of the trials that I am facing in my current business venture and sadly to say there are going to be more shortcomings that are going to happen. However, they can be minimized when everyone is on the same page. One thing that I have learned about starting a business is always anticipate the best, but expect and beware of the worst possible thing that can happen.

    Process Mapping out Task

    However, if things start to go to hell at the beginning, it is best to stop everything that is being done and correct the problem with all members/partners/outsourcers of the business. It is really best that problems happen early and that there should be guidelines and a structure for everyone to follow. The matrix guidelines should give the creator an indication of what is excellent or shitty(not going to cut it) for the task at hand.

    Don’t let Problems Kill Your Drive of Running a Business

    With all of the negative that people know about business, there are tons of positive that a business provides. Remember that life isn’t perfect and you don’t want it to ever be that way, it is so boring if the world was that way. I thank God everyday that I wake up because I know that I will get into a new adventure even though my present state is so routine (i.e. day job).

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