The Going Big, but actually going small

This statement may be misleading, but it makes perfect sence. Well it really depends on the type of business that you are starting up. If most of your marketing structure is based on word of mouth and viral marketing than starting out small is the way to go. However, there are tons of other reasons why this method is important when you do eventually go big.

Reasons why small is grand.

1. Size is manageable

The growth of your business will help you determine how many people you will need to staff your business when you have more clients/customers/members. That sounds like common sense, but think you had a business that grew like a wild flower and you were greatly under staff. You would be really fucked and it will result in you to lose your leavage and will possibly make a quick and shitty decision.

2. Easy to connect with your target market

When I talk about going small I mean start locally. Going local will get you out there interacting with your market and seeing how they think, live their lives, and their direct concerns and reactions to your business. You still have the internet to do alot of your communication, but nothing beats talking with people about your product/service. This will also put a good feeling in your market’s heart that you are doing something for them to make their lives better.

3. If it is good enough this will tell you so

This step will help you discover if your product/service is good enough for your target market on a smaller scale and will help you determine if it is good enough on a larger scale. This realization will save you time, money, and frustration in the future.
4. Feedback on what is good and bad about your business and how to improve it.

A company should always be improving to meet their target market needs. However, it can get out of hand when you have a large market that is all over the place. First of all you can ask for constant feedback from your members about the product. You can also hold a free dinner feedback session for what you plan to change to the company. This will let your target market know that you appreciate their time and feedback of what can be done better. Because ultimately it is your market who determines the direction that the company goes.

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