The Importance of Meetings

I didn’t like meetings much until recently. The reason why is because there was nothing really important that came afterwards. I would attend, listen, give my input, but nothing really was vivid. There have been so many meetings that I have gone to that didn’t need me being their and I could have been informed of what happen in the meeting. I think my biggest gripe of the whole meetings saga is that 9/10 nothing really got implemented and it was just a trick of showing that the company/organization cared about the employees/members.

However, just recently I have grown a better appreciation of meetings. The business ventures that I am involved in now have had a meeting a week and now that it is getting closer to launch day we are having meetings 2-3 times per week. The partners are giving feedback and advice and things are really getting done. It is really a breath of fresh air to see progress and to hold everyone accountable for their task at hand.

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