The Month of February: Short Story Time

This is a quick update. I’m going to start my new literary piece in February. It will be a short story. It shouldn’t take me too long to write, more like a couple of weeks and about 20k words.

The reason why this is big for me is because it will be a piece of my writing that I can show to the public. The novel rewrite will take some time and will go through many rewrites and look at by others. That is okay with me. But, this short story will be done by the end of February and will have a quick rewrite process.

I will give you more details of what it is I’m going to write as the month goes on.

It has been over a month since I’ve finished my novel. After writing the last couple of sentence, I realized that what I wrote was everything that I was feeling at the time. What I mean by that is that whatever I was going through I got it out on paper. Which to me, is the best way to handle your situations and problems.

I wonder what will I get from this particular writing experiment. I guess I will find out once I’m finish with the writing. I’ll write what I mean once I finish with this short story.

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