The Planner Organizer

I got a planner about 3 months ago and barely written in it or used it to it’s purpose. My friend swears by it and he says and actually looks like he is more productive with work and life in general. I just don’t think it will help me much, but it will be a task that I do for the week to see how it will help me.

I think the biggest thing that I struggle with is deciding which things are more important than others. I tend to do things that I feel that is important at the time and then realize that I should have done that thing differently and so on. So this week I will make some goals for the way I plan to use the planner and report back later to see if it is worth me using the planner for my life.


1. Finish Goals, Vision, and Mission that the planner suggest: I have done this in the past and have a good understanding of what each of them means to me, but we will see how it goes.

2. Write work task and assign a personal deadline to the project: This will help me decide on the importance of the assignment and will also finish quickly.

3. Do an importance matrix for personal and business life: I will rank items of care and things that have to get done in general and will seriously take time to write about why certain things are more important than others. I believe this will be the most important part of this trial period because it will allow me to structure my time better and will get more things done in general.

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