The Sea and Sun Trip: The Extended Version

Note: This trip was done two weeks ago on an early Saturday morning. It has taken me so long to edit the images and still not done. These are just a few of my top 60.

It just sounded like a good idea. The thought of rising before everyone, listening to music that had no voices and going to a place I had no idea of where I was going, was magical.

The only thing I was thinking about was missing the moment. Missing the light and being haunted by the regrets of not doing this for me.

It was roughly 70 miles away. Not far at all. The main reason why I chose this waterfront was because a co-worker told me that the sand was whiter. I laughed, but went with it. I wasn’t speeding, but if you were riding with me you would have thought that I was really trying to get somewhere. As if I didn’t get there I would be more pissed as if I would have slept in that usual, typical Saturday morning state. I always enjoy and look forward to those moments, but it wouldn’t have felt right this particular Saturday.

Again, all I knew what I had to do was go all the way south of the highway, where it ended and what I was faced with from left and right was water and sand. I chose left. Mainly because I looked at my iPhone and saw another body of water in that area.

But, still not knowing where I was going to end up taking my photographs began to create anxiety. I wanted the photographs to come out perfect and I knew if I didn’t pick the right location the trip would have been wasted.  I laugh at how serious I was during the moment. Because it’s been plenty of years since I have been to Freeport, more like 10 plus. Yep, something like that.

As I was driving I thought I saw a glimpse of the passion of the day. It looked deep maroon red. But it was still pitch black. That was what it was. What I was seeing was black and what I wanted to sky and all of the elements to be was red. I was loosing it. I was wondering what the hell was going on. I was thinking that the time of day I came resulted in the beginning of night and I was screwed and had to wait it out another 5 or so hours.

But, I was fine. I drove for about 5 or so miles, finally ended up at this fishing store. I just stayed there. Didn’t want to talk to anybody. I felt that this was it. This was where I was going to take those photographs that have been imagined in my head. However, I did see someone who seemed friendly, so I asked him if the spot I was at was fine. He said yeah and told me that they had out-of-this-world skies a couple of days ago during sunset. I was scratching my head and was wondering if I came at the right time for this particular location. I shaked the guys hand and started on my way.

I saw this bridge that connected Freeport and Galveston and was a 2 dollar toll. I knew that I didn’t want to pay any money and setup my tripod on the bridge. The exposures where long. I saw a small glimpse of the world with light that morning. But my photographs were looking like shit. Mainly, as I figured out later was because at 30 seconds of exposure the photographs were blurry because the clouds were moving so swiftly. I wanted to throw my camera off the balcony. It was cold as shit, too. I needed more light and a better view. So the next best thing was to to take my elevation down a notch and go underneath the bridge.

The sand was smooth, compact and unusually white for the location of Texas. The wind was blowing slightly and the air didn’t smell. The day was extremely calm.

It took longer than I thought it would for the day to wake up. Just faint colored clouds, quiet waters and sand. Not what I was looking for, but I went with it. I took photograph after photograph and became more excited as the short morning continued on. I got plenty of perspectives and was quite lucky with the birds being out. I was satisfied with my photographs and thrilled that I made it out there. I told myself that I will make sure I come back when the sun came out. So, I turned around, walked back to the car and was ready to start the rest of my day.

I made it to my car, turned around for one last time and ran back to the shore. I couldn’t believe it. The sun was coming out to play. It was amazing to see the sun wipe the crust off of her eyes and go to work. However, it didn’t look like the sun was working. It was where the sun was playing and enjoying the work. As the sun continued to shine I noticed many things. One, the exposure of the sky, water and sand were the same. And the biggest thing that was freaky was that I was literally eye level with the sun. Quite mystical with the clouds hiding around different parts of the sun and how the light painted the canvas was therapeutic. I stayed out for another 30 or so minutes. It was a surreal experience and I don’t even think I explained it enough to let you know how simple but so worth the experience was.

Next time. No tripod and am going to lay on the sand, close my eyes and listen to sea. Damn I can’t wait.

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