The Straight Line That Never Ends

There is this street that is long as can be, but not wide at all. The only way you can go is forward or back. In the beginning one wonders how to get off the trail. One wonders what else is possible. He also wonders what is at the end of the road that seems like there isn’t an end. But as days go by the trail becomes easier. There isn’t nothing exciting about the trail, it is as predicable as it was the day before and before that. Once the long day is complete the boy has a smile on his face, he can rest now.

During his time off he thinks about what he can do in the future, his past that he had so much fun from and what he plans to do tomorrow on that trail. He knows that with the time that he will get used to the trail. He may even get some more responsibility but would still be able to do the work in his sleep.

The next day starts early, damn daylight savings. He is up, has his cup of water and on his way walking until the sun comes done. There are times when the boy is frustrated and try’s to push through the boundaries that are to his left and right. The shit doesn’t work. There are other times where the boy just sits there because he has come to the realization that no matter how much walking he does it will always be there. He can relax for a couple of days–let the distance of the walk pile up–then when he is ready to continue on he can run and sprint and be back where he was before. However, he knows that whatever he has to do there will  be enough walking to keep him busy for a very long time.

This doesn’t only happen in a straight line that never ends. It can be the same thing as going around circles. It never will be different until the person does something different and trust in their ability to change their status quo. One thing that I have noticed after jumping off the circle track and pushing through the weak side boundaries of the straight line is that once the thing that is realized that was scary to even imagine possible to even do, it is so addictive. It makes life more enjoyable. It gives hope and real direction in the possibilities of life.

If there are people around you who think you are crazy for doing what you are doing. For not doing what they are doing. That means you are on the right path. It means that you are making the life that you want to. If they are pleased and happy with where they are at, then that is fine. But remember that you are your own person and you determine your own happiness. So be you and push through the awkwardness of being who you always wanted to be.

It doesn’t have to be a want anymore, it doesn’t have to be an imagination or dream, it can be now and reality. It is just up to you. Ask yourself the questions and you will start to figure out what it is that you need to do.

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