The Streak…

I write this now because it could end today. It could have ended a week ago or whenever or it could continue also. The streak I am talking about is the Rocket’s 21 game winning streak. I do hope it continues and do wish I had tickets to the game. But it doesn’t matter I will be watching this game from start to finish and just enjoying it for the epic battle that it is hyped to be. Who would have thought a team that when they won 2 games in a row was 10th in the Western Conference would be tied for 1st place? I don’t think the Rocket’s thought that either and they just took each day and each game one step at a time. I am pretty sure they looked ahead here and there, but they focused on the game at hand and treated each game like it was there last. It was if somebody told them that this is the last time that they will be able to play basketball at such a high level that they are used and the next day their skills will not be what they were. But it seems like they are getting stronger as a team. The coach’s way on offense is to utilize everyones strength and get them the ball accordingly. That type of playing requires time, passions, and trust and when it works as you have seen through the 21 games it is really magical to see people not thinking and just playing.

Like I said the streak can end today and what a great run it has been if it does, but I think the true test is if they do lose today how will they bounce back? How will they take defeat when they haven’t witnessed it in such some time? I am pretty sure the crowds will be less to cheer them on for the rest of the season, but if I was the Houston Rockets I would treat this game and all the other games after this great battle as if it was there last one. There last game…playing like you did the first time you ever picked up a basketball…when money wasn’t an issue…when you didn’t look at the clock to see how much time you had left…but just play.

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