Things Are Happening and I Feel So Good: About The New Year.

Since I’m all about this photography stuff and taking those vital steps to make it full time, I thought it would be best to provide a photo or two for each blog post I write for now on.

This particular photograph is okay. I love the idea and the way I thought about it. Execution is what I was more or so looking for. As you can also tell the photograph is blurry. One thing that I’ve noticed that I didn’t realize about doing self-portraits and learning is that they are tiring. Running back to my camera and checking what the photograph looks like, changing a couple of specs to match the ideal look I looking for is exhausting. But whatever, if that is what it takes for me to constantly getting better that is fine with me.

It’s been a week and a half into the new year and I’m already optimistic about it. I’m sure everyone else is still on that high. But whatever the case, it feels so good to be taking action and seeing some results already. I have talked to a couple of businesses, gotten some good feedback and have thought of some great promotions that I will be discussing relatively soon. However, there are still some issues that need to be handled now before the end of the month and here is a running list of them.


I’ve talked about this issue for some time and just about ready to be done with this. However, I haven’t done anything towards it in some time. The main reason is because I’m waiting for the copy writing, that was done over the holidays, is edited by a family friend. But truth be what it is I can still do some work towards the layout. I have a couple of websites that I have that I’m looking for as examples and will take the time to jot down some notes and go about making that happen. So this week is going to be the week that I get that information found and implemented. I will be showing before and after examples of what I’m doing and why.

It’s all about the SCORE

I don’t know if any of you have heard of this organization but I believe that this whole thing is going to save me plenty this year. What SCORE is a not-for-profit group that helps people who want to start and run a successful business. They have seminars that you have to pay for, but are cheap. However, the thing I’m looking forward to is communicating with a mentor (which is free) who has been there before. They help you get more establish and give you vital help that you didn’t think you knew or needed. I actually have my first seminar this coming weekend and still in the process of narrow downing my mentor. I’ll report back later how the seminar went this coming weekend and the process of me finding a mentor.

The Gear Issue

This is the thing that has been taking up my time for the first part of the year. When it comes to gear I can usually tune it out and put it on whenever I want to. However, now sense I’ve figured out the direction that I want to go a couple of days ago, it has taken me over. I do hate that at times and especially now that I’m figuring out what it is that I truly need. This is going to be a blog post for the ages and will tell you why I kept one thing over the over, upgraded and actually why I got an older camera and the quest for fighting between the hobbyist and business owner.

Business Plan

I didn’t think this was something I needed to do. I thought after trying to write one 5 years ago that I realized that I didn’t need one. All that I had to do was to use my mind to see what it was that I wanted to do and go about it. I could have figured out the pitfalls in everything. But just after a week and literally saying my business plan to a prospective client without consulting myself and constantly thinking of more areas to add to my business, I have realized this stuff can get away from me quickly without having a plan. I know the SCORE mentor will help me with this, but I need to start jotting plenty of this stuff down so I can start the process again. I’ll share a non-detail version of the plan in the coming weeks.


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