Thinking and not doing… What is the point?

My head is spinning out of control and don’t know what to do. So i will do the simplest thing and just stop. Yep, thinking about doing can make you go crazy and it is not worth my sanity. Thinking is probaly the biggest thing that gets people for not doing what they really do. Over analyzing situations can really kill someone. Hell I think it is more worse than not doing anything, because at least you know that you want to do something, but don’t because you are thinking. Alot of people may think that this is a simple concept and it really is, but the majority of those people don’t do shit about it also. The reason why is because of habit. People want to change, but don’t because they are satisfied with the habit. It is alot harder do actually do something new because it is new. That is why so many people don’t meet new new people, lose weight if they wanted to, travel around the world, or hell just do anything that they say they would.

So now is the time. No time is like now. Because you don’t know if you will have tomorrow and hell there is no more reasons to make another shameless mistake of just thinking and not doing.

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