Update of Goals from the last month

I have begun my long 4-day work week. I chose Monday’s off, because I always hated preparing for work on Sunday’s and I will always have a 3-day weekend. This off-day will be spent by more writing, resting, and figuring out what I want to do as a second monetary means of surviving. I’ll fill yall in,  of what I”ll learn from this experience. I was able to complete some goals that I set at the end of last month before I started my Monday’s off.

Here is a breakdown of what all got accomplish and what didn’t:

Novel writing – I didn’t get to my goal of 100 pages, but I did get to a point of significant measures. I have got the main character active (he better be active, the story is centered around him) and at the point I’m at now will help me go back and finish the beginning part of the novel. I will soon perform the 24 hours of writing, once I get back from my trip. I don’t know what I will be writing, but should be a fun experience trying.

Business Idea – Figured out that I don’t have the time, money, and more importantly, dedication to recycle paper for profit. So, I am back to the drawing board of figuring out what I want to do, more on the basis of my passions, rather than something I am looking at as an exit strategy.

Essays – This was perhaps the easiest task to do. I knocked this out in the first week of my challenge. Like all of the other essays I have, they need editing.

Short Story – I just remembered this one. It seems that the short story will be on the shelf longer than anticipated. I hope to finish this soon, it will more than likely happen when I write for 24 hours.

Finances – The finances are in check. I have automated all of the bills. I check my bank balance from time to time, to see how much funds I have laying around.

The Pushing of Girlfriend – My girlfriend is a strong person, who is finding her own journey through life. I’m proud of the steps she has taken. I will continue to help her in her walk in life.

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