Vacation and Reflections

The end to a Beginning

My vacation was a great one, just as anyone else that is stressed at work or simply tired of the routine lifestyle. I loved catching up with my good friend. But the simple fact that I got away from it all and did something for me. However, that got me thinking that that kind of peace can happen anytime and anywhere I want. I don’t have to leave the city I am currently living in (although I highly recommend that you do at times) to experience clarity and a peace of mind. So one of the task that I am going to work on is to find more activities to enrich my current relationships and enlighten new contacts.

Never too Old to act crazy

When I was in California this past weekend my friend and I did alot of crazy stuff. Where from myself putting my hand in front of a drunk girl (I think she was drunk, but I was pretty gone myself) in Vegas, pissing in front of someone house on the way to the airport because I had alittle too much to drink, or simply saying random things that didn’t make any sense it was needed. Craziness brings out the child that has been in jail because he was and still is told daily that he can’t do something and he must act a certain way.

Go on more vacations, because…

Life is life and when you are too busy doing the “routine” you will be too old to realize that you haven’t done shit to enjoy yourself and that you will blame work because you only have 2 weeks of vacation a year. I used to think that way, but there are tons of trips a person can do around their town or places around America for the weekend. Make it interesting and do them with family, friends, strangers you barely met(that one could be scary), or by yourself.

Provide time for yourself

This is one ingredient that is essential to to keeping sane. There are tons of people that don’t give themselves time to themself. It is not selfish thinking, it is there so you can reflect on the things that are going on in your life and see what you can do to improve them and simply rest. Turn off the cell phone, no tv, go on a drive without the music blazing, and find a place of silence and just chill the fuck out. Do this and you will improve your way of thinking and your journey through life.

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