What a Month February Was.

So far, this year has been so much fun and so stressful. I made some changes in my life that have freed me up to do more towards myself, whether it be in business or personal life, everything is benefiting from it. Here are a couple of things I got accomplish:

1. Read 3 books: Yes, I am reading now and with the addition of my kindle I will be reading even more. The time that I devoted to blogs is now going towards books. The books are of photography and business and have already learned so much.

2. Finished my business plan: This took me roughly 10 days to do, but I stayed committed and have already seen some results. I didn’t realize how big of a deal it has been for me to get it completed, but I am finding that I have direction in it all.

3. Website design: To me I finished it. I still have a couple of things that I want to do and will need to focus on, but the whole experience is something that I had to go through to see what I am made of. I’m still overwhelmed about thinking about it and all the stuff I still have to do before I even launch it. But it will help me now to have a site to be presentable and will bring in more business.

4. Taking a Break: This past weekend I took a break from it all and didn’t do anything photography wise. It felt so good and was extremely hard for me to get away from it all. But I made it out alright and it has actually energize me.

Why Does it All Matter?

This month is just a momentum of last month. I’m excited, scared and ready for whatever comes my way. I’ll write about this some more on Thursday, but this is going to be the most I am going to push myself in this business yet.

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