What about the Writer’s Strike…

Team can not be of stars or people that we see, but a collective group of people that makes the task, job, project, or tv show work to perfection. All of us have seen what can happen when a group of people so important to getting the job done have a disagreement on something, in this case it boils down to money. We see that people are pissed because their favorite shows are not showing new episodes, also the award season has taken a shit due to the writer’s strike, and whatever else is done due to this ‘writer’s strike.

I believe beyond the tv shows not being new it is that all people matter and that as much as we glorify one group of people (actors) we don’t think about the writer’s who tell the story. What is a writer? Yeah a person that writes about something that they may feel interesting in their lives or what they experience or imagine. Something that simple, but really a challenge to get a mass audience to rant and rave about it is amazing.

The realization of the matter is that everyone is not seeing it from the writer’s point of view and feel that they should stop complaining about their work. We have to remember that everyone has a role and if that role isn’t done to the best of it’s ability or not at all than something will suffer and the mass audience will not be complaining or praising the production, but will be calling for it to be canceled.

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