What direction is the blog going? Hell I don’t know…


I don’t know if you have noticed but my blog post are amounting to nothing. I just write about on the surface things that are on my mind, which isn’t bad, but it doesn’t give anything back. I do feel what I say will give someone something to think about, but still it is just blah. So now I am going to change the direction of the blog again.


I am thinking of this…


Well no one really knows what I am up to on normal basis. I think the blog is as much for me as of for other people that read my blog. So I will write and only write about my experience and lessons learned from what I am going through in my life as a human being, entrepreneur, and whatever my mind is thinking about. I also plan to have a structure for book reviews that will be consistent. I have really developed a great way to read books within a week or week and a half and just need to let everyone know how the books has helped me in my life. So expect good information that is more about me and my experience instead of little sayings here and there. I would also expect about 4 post a week with great info and I also am going to tag different sites that help in my thinking and so on.


So what are you doing now?


Well I am going in circles on a couple of things. I need to update my personal website, which I will really make a point to finish it in 2 weeks; reserve my hostels in Japan- atleast for Tokyo and Osaka; write more than 1 page in my book- I posted awhile back that I am writing a book about my adventures for next year and also my life up until now; getting out around town doing what I do at home- reading, dance class, and meeting people in general is easier done while being out on the town; business idea into action- I have been in limbo because of the long drawn out sell of my second car. Once that is complete I will go full head on with the idea, I will also be collecting vital information to help me determine the best possiblities on how to maximize my income, distribution of work done, and valuable was to make the business marketable. 

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