What I See, Story 2 – Bus Transporation

This is a new series of post I will do on Friday that is called, What I See. During the week I will take photos of various events around me. I will provide a story behind the photo. This is essentially giving my readers a glimpse into my writing, the way I think, and also about my life. It wouldn’t be fair to only talk about writing, I have to be willing to show yall my pieces, too. Let me know what you think.

It’s hard getting up early in the morning. To be exact, around 4:30. Well more like 4:50 after all the snoozing is needed to convince myself to at least write. After I write I have to drag my ass into the shower, then probably make breakfast or get it on the way to work. I run, run, run to the bus stop, this is done because I have terrible time-management skills.

The bus, that object with 4 wheels, that is transportation to annoying and nice people. That grotesque-never-been-washed hand rail and those uncomfortable seats I have to force my not-flat-ass into every single morning. For the most part, I run to the bus stop because I’m either making sure I didn’t forget anything and making sure I set my a/c past 90 degrees (apartment is an oven when I get back). If I didn’t decide to use the bus I could either jog at a decent pace (30-35 minutes) or ride my road bike (15 minutes). I can’t eat on the bus or drink (I wouldn’t want to drink a thing on a bus that is constantly stopping and jerking my body forward), but I can listen to a podcast with total concentration, I can read a couple of pages of a novel or blog post via iphone, or observing others.

Humans are all peculiar: they have their mannerisms, they do annoying things to piss me off. There is this old, white hair, kind of large, always wearing a black H.E.B. polo shirt, man, who has to make a point about seeing me run to the bus stop and notifying me his apartment has a couple of rooms available (kind of spooking and sleezy if you ask me). There’s a Hispanic guy with a curious look on his face every time I get on the bus. There are many times, well all the time, that I want to yell in his face, “STOP STARING”. Probably that will get his attention and get him looking at other people instead of me. Then there are people who wear the same clothes, some reading a book, older people who have a hard time getting on the bus, and kids who are full of life. People who should walk to their place of work/destination, because it is wasteful to spend $1.25 (1 way) for a 10 minute walk, instead.

I’m glad I have access to the bus, I never would have gotten the chance to see activities, as they are, and for the most part, prepare myself for the day. Not because of the run to catch it, but with all of the people’s lives I observe for the 13 minutes I am present on this rectangle shaped object.

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