What I’ve Learned so Far With This Challenge and What It Means For the Future

It has been 19 post and 19th days since I started this challenge. It has been fun and learn about myself and also about what people like about what I write.

The negative blog post will for sure stop and know that they rub people the wrong way. At times people think that something is wrong with me, but really it is just me getting things off my chest. I’ll keep those for my journal. However, surprisingly, people did dig the hating of people and loving of humanity entry. I just have to pick my poison of what I think what will be interesting to my readers.

More than anything what I will be doing more of in the future is writing inspirational, positive entries. People dig the trusting yourself post and I really loved writing it. It is going to be tough and a challenge to write about inspiration in different and impactful ways, but as you can see I’m up for the challenge.

Later today once I get home, do a quick workout and work on my business some, I will also be providing more photographs for my post. Even being a photographer I find myself lazy to always upload a photograph. But I guess that is me in being a writer that it is easier to just write. I’ll get it together and will be better about providing images to better tell the story.

This is a short, sweet post. Not like that negative rant from Sunday. Also, after writing the post about Project Runway I think we are going to wait and save it up until the next one comes out. There is nothing like having two Project Runways back to back. Just don’t tell me what happen and we will all live to make it another day.

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