What My Writing Has Been Looking Like This Year

I don’t know what to write right now. I go through this often as I figure out what I want to write. I’ve been writing for more than 600 days and haven’t looked back sense. I love it and have seen how it has changed since the very first day. This year I would say that my writing has just been there. I’m still finding my blogging voice, but I think some of the things that I have been doing this year are preparing me to write more of what I want.

What I’ve Been Writing This Year.

1. Rewriting my novel– this should be done at the end of the year and the final draft should be finish at mid-year next year. I thought that it would have taken me a shorter period of time and was banking on promoting my work in such a way that it would recognize Oprah. I was depending on a person to promote my work and not concentrating on developing a story that was worth reading in the first place. So I have matured in that way that it doesn’t matter if my book is poorly written and doesn’t provide much value to the people who are going to buy my book.

2. Essays– I’ve interviewed, photographed and wrote essays of people that I found interesting and had a story to tell. The interview and photographing was the easy part, the writing of the essays were hard because I had to develop what I wanted to say and to turn the writing into something that would hold the interest of the ideal, target market.

3. Business Focus– I have been thinking of, modifying and developing business structures throughout the year. It has been a hard process but believe that I’ve gotten somewhere that is allowing me to focus my attention on those very things now. It is amazing a few times a month would do to a business and shows me that I can do anything as long as I plan for it and take action.

4. Regular Writing – Journal writing takes up the bulk of the writing. It doesn’t matter what I’m writing about. Most of it is about what I witness or feel throughout the day and also where I find out something about myself.

Those are mainly of what I’ve been writing about and wonder what next year will bring. It is easy to say that I will do more than the previous year, but it just depends what it is that I want to do with my writing, photography, spending time with friends and family and with this new focus of attention I’m going to explain tomorrow.

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