What’s on my Ipod?

I am unseperatable from my Ipod ever since I got it earlier this year. I have only used a 4th of the 30 gig Ipod that is filled with podcast, audiobooks, and music. I still have to figure out a way to put my movies on there, but there are a couple of media files that have either become a part of my daily listens or audiobooks that have opened up my eyes. Here’s a list of some of them:


1. APM: The Story

This is a must every morning during the week. I can’t get enough of the stories that Dick Gordon tells with the people he interviews. It has truely opened up my eyes on life that isn’t mine and how I can learn from the stories. I recommend people to download this podcast and listen to it either in the morning or before you go to bed.
2. This American Life

This is similar to The Story, but comes out once a week. They also have interesting stories and at times have 2-3 stories of a particular topic or theme.
3. A series of NPR catergories

NPR has some great radio shows. The ones that I listen to on a regular basis are: All Songs Considered, Books, Business Story of the Day, Car Talk’s Call of the Week, Music, Pop Culture, Satire from The Unger Report, and This I Believe. These topics give me a good range of interesting topics that I know about and more importantly have no clue that existed and gives me a different perspective of the way people think on topics I find appealing.

4. Life Church TV

I don’t go to Church much, but rather read the Bible. But I have found that LifeChurch.TV gives me a different thought about the Bible and life’s lesson.

5. ESPN Radio:

Just an excellent podcast about the latest events that are happening in the world of sports. Also, I can listen to this and feel that I don’t have to watch ESPN to get the same information.

6. Autoblog

I consider myself a car buff, but I still need my fix from time to time. Autoblog is great because it keeps me updated on the latest news in the automotive world and also about what other car enthusiast are doing to their vehicles.
7. BusinessWeek-Cover Story

This podcast is good because it gives you the reasoning of how the cover story was develop and why it is important to today’s society.

Audio Books

1. Good to Great

A book about how good companies have and can become great companies. The book also does comparisons of similar companies that didn’t become great. The characteristics also apply to improving your life in areas that you struggle in.
2. Lance Armstrong- Every Second Counts

Simply a book of determination and a will to never give up on life and the people around. I respected Lance Armstrong before listening to his book, but afterwards I would love to meet him in real life and pick his brain about his views about facing death every single day when he was battling cancer.

3. Lance Armstrong- It is Not About the Bike

The bike don’t mean shit, it is all about how badly you want to win the race or keep on living for another day. I don’t know what else to say, but check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

4. The World is Flat

A scary book that will wake a person up who is going through the motions and feels that what they are doing is going to be valid for the rest of their lives. I also learned a couple a business techniques that I will apply in my businesses.

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