When Doing What You Love Has to Come to a Stop

I really don’t know how to explain it, but it really sucks and makes me sad that I can’t do two activities I love to do due to some medical concerns. I have been feeling some pain in my knee for sometime because of running and workingout my lower body. So I decided to make an appointment to see a specialist in joint/knee injuries. Well this is what the doctor told me,

“there are no broken bones, you are bone legged(which I have no idea what it means), you are not flexible at all, you have patellar tendinitis, and YOU need to stop running and playing basketball“.

This injury or pain can be treated

The doctor told me that I can do a couple of things to reduce the pain in this area. Firstly, I can take medication he prescribed for me, stretch my lower body especially my hamstrings, do other cardio exercises like biking, the elliptical machine, and swimming. I can probaly play basketball and run, but on a very limited basis.

It sucks to when you can’t do what you love

I am going crazy right now, I am wondering what I can do to have fun and also get some good exercise done. When I was running I felt so alive and believed that I could do anything. I did alot of thinking while running and it helped me get into a good mood when I wasn’t feeling up to par. Oh yeah I could literally burn past people with ease, it was simply my way of connecting with myself. Basketball has always been my favorite sport, I loved doing fadaways and shooting jumpers, and of course blocking shots. But both of the two activities put ridiculous amount of pain on my knees and would  literally take  a week to fully heal if no other cardio was performed.

It makes you think…

Not being able to do the things I love really made me think of what I am not doing right now that I do love. You never know when you can’t do something you love to do when it is really life preventing. There are many things we do in life that are routine that we don’t like doing, but we do anyway. People make sacrifices everyday in order to get that big payout later on, but once they complete that mission he/she doesn’t see the benefit or choices something else to go after.

Well I am still thinking what I plan to do for the near future, I will try some things that the doctor suggested and do some new things that I may like. So stay tuned for the change to “non knee pounding” physical activities.

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