Why Does Passion Keep Coming to me…Even During Vacation? Ocean and Mountain, California Vacation Part 1

It has been some time since my last real post. I wanted to get one out of the door before I left, but wasn’t able to get good enough internet access and lost track of time and greatly enjoyed myself. Long story later on, but I went on vacation!

I don’t know where to begin and will write a couple of different post towards this very topic, because vacation, chillin out, relaxing, and doing something different is what all of us needs from time to time. I get different things from all of my vacation trips and don’t know quite yet what I got out of this one. So, for now, I will describe an incident that I’m still thinking about, and is something that will help carry my “other” career for some time.

The end of the trip was nearing and nobody wanted to go home, no one wanted to face reality, no one wanted to begin their routinely 9-5 schedule the same way, before the vacation. We stopped along the way leaving the mountains multiple times. I took some pictures along the way from the back seat of the black Ford Escape we were riding in. When we stopped, we got out of the SUV to take more pictures of each other, with the scenery in the background, and even managed to eat a delicious lunch at an eatery in Bodega Bay (I had 2 orders of fish tacos and an Alaskan Wheat Beer).

While we were doing the final farewell to a vacation that all of us needed, I was writing. My usual 45 minutes of writing took roughly 1.5 hours to complete. I didn’t think I was going to have time to write later on in the day. I wanted to get it done, but also enjoy the last bit of the trip with old and new friends. That is the reason why I took the back seat. I think, for the most part, I was writing about my thoughts, and trying to see what I learned on the trip. I think I also touch bases on the new fond direction of my novel. I think I also mentioned a couple of things about how good it felt for me to go on a trip with my girlfriend. And I think that’s it.

What I wrote wasn’t as significant as many of my writings have been. I’m amazed with me having the dedication to do something I set a goal of doing. Now it isn’t so much a goal anymore, it is an intoxicating habit I can’t stop doing. It is truly my passion and for the most part can’t wait to do so every single morning or whenever I make time during the day. Think about what I’m saying: I wrote or should I say, did my passion at the end of my vacation, in the middle of Mountain and Ocean, California, because I wanted to.

I was talking to a co-worker yesterday, who has stopped his writing. He said he was writing for 10 minutes and for what I remember for almost a month. He said he needed some type of motivation to precipice his interest again. I told him the very story I just wrote. I told him I can’t stop, I can’t stop trying to improve myself. I told him it is something I do, not so much have to. I don’t know why that situation is key to me, it is probably because it is a turning point in my writing. It shows me that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to do what I need to in order to improve.

I’m not saying everyday is easy. There are times where I don’t feel like it. There are times where I question the reasoning and point of it. But, once I sit down , grab my laptop, flip open the screen, think of something to write or not at all, and write, all of the pouting and discomfort drifts away.

I have a couple of activities line up for my writing that I will explain in a week or so, but I wanted to give yall a heads up on the joy of a passion, through the eyes and place of relaxation of a much needed vacation.

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