Why I’m Not Reading so Many Blogs Now?

This has been a long time over due. I was sitting in my cubicle last week and thinking about all of the things that I had to do towards my business and how I was doing a shitty job of getting them done. I began to think about my new year resolution and how it was shaping out for the year. But I still couldn’t put a finger on how come I wasn’t using my time wisely and effectively in order to do what I truly want to do for my life.

While I was doing so I was on my google reader. I was reading everything, multiple times already that morning–more like 10 times trying to find a new article to read. Then the crap dawned on me: “I’m wasting tons of time on these blogs”. So I put all of the blogs that I frequently read that I felt wasted most of my time and entitled the folder, “Time Wasters”. I still went back to the reader and looked what was adding up and my predictions were right. I made a great decision!

As of Sunday, this is what my google reader looks like:

The one thing that I noticed from this list is that the people I actually know are the ones that aren’t on the Time Wasters. I don’t know if that has a big part in my ordering of the Time Wasters folder, but it doesn’t really matter. The reason why is because I am giving myself one day out of the week, Wednesday, to read and do what I want. To waste all the time that I want. However, now that I’m thinking about this, I might do it even longer. I don’t miss it.

Why Is This A Big Deal to Me?

Things have to change if I want to do what I want to do this year. I can’t continue to do the same thing and expect the outcome that I want. I told my fiance a couple of months ago about me coming home and doing what needs to be done in order to generate business and get better in my photography. If I came home every single day and watched television, how the hell would I be the businessman that I want to be? It ain’t going to happen.

The amount of stuff that I’ve gotten done already has giving me a power to think and do on my own. When it comes to finding my way through the business side of the world, I have more time to think and get a plan together. None of those websites would have helped me in that way. Even with the creative side of photography, it is more that I have to do then to read.

What’s Next?

The next thing I need to work on is podcast. This I think is even harder than the blogs. I learn so much from them and it is like my television time which allows me to see what is going on in the world. I might write about that process, it might be something that I just have to come to grips with and just do, but it will help me out in so many ways that it is a no-brainer that I do this process.

What is Holding You Back on Your Goals?

You have to figure out what you are wasting time on. You have to also ask yourself how important it is of the goals that you have for yourself. Which one is more important? If you want to continue to do that very thing that waste time, go ahead. If you want more for your life and want to do something that is totally against the grain of your goal, there has to always be consequences.

I know that once I get a hold of this I will get tons done in my business and start finding ways to generate business. I’ll be keep yall informed on the progress of me making headway on my photography business.

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