Why the fuck do…

Why the fuck do men flush the toilet before peeing in it? It makes more sense to me to pee first, then flush the toilet. It shouldn’t matter if a little bit of yellow is in the can in order for someone to pee. Besides, by someone first touching and pressing down on the crazy infected handle to flush the pee away, one has a high chance of contaminating their penis because they wanted to pee in a non-yellow toilet bowl. Why would anyone want germs from dudes who probably didn’t wash their hands? Who have sneezed in their hands, grabbed their nuts or whatever else that is probably on the silver handle.

Fuck it. It’s their problem that I’m trying desperately trying to make my problem.

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately. From life, existing, not existing, failing in business, rethinking the enjoyment of doing my passions for me and not for other people, taking care of people and forgetting about myself are all things that are currently, constantly on my mind. Sometimes thinking about it helps, but most of the time I give myself a headache because thats all I’m doing. Lately, it seems that I get enjoyment, heartache, ready to punch the first person I see whenever I just do. I’m also noticing that just doing can become expensive and at times cause stress to other people I care about. Being selfish feels good, but sometimes I think I take advantage of it that I’m constantly jumping in the deep end. I think I’m growing. I’m growing into a place where I’m tired of talking, hoping, wishing and praying, I’m just doing what feels right or even risky for myself. And it feels great.

Oh yeah. I think smokers are some of the rudest fuckers in the world. Not everyone wants to inhale shitty, stinky cigarette smoke for fun. And smokers, please stay in the smoking areas to smoke. Don’t populate every possible surrounding around the outside of the workplace. Some of the people actually outside may just want to look to the sky and wonder about whatever and not lose a train of thought because a fucker decided to light one on their 10th smoke break of the day.

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