Work so far…3 weeks in.

I have been working at my new job for 3 weeks already and am enjoying it so far. It is hard to not like something only after 3 weeks, but I am still in the adjusting phase. For instance, I have been rectifying to waking up at 6 a.m. and arriving at work no later than 7:10. I am doing this by taking the city bus by walking to the bus stop from my apartment and arriving in downtown Houston. Relaxing on the bus has given me the freedom to take a cat nap, listen to podcast via the iphone, playing tetris, watching people on the bus and seeing what people are doing in the streets of Houston, and reading blog post also through the iphone. Riding the bus has giving me time to simply relax and not worry about traffic jams and other people’s car driving habits and actions.

So what about the actual job?

Work is refreshing and challenging. Tuesday thru thursday I am busy with meetings inside and out of the office sprinkled throughout the day while trying to get some real work done. The meetings are important, but at times can get in the way of the task that need to get finished. Since I am still in the learning phase of the way work is presented and completed, getting real familiar with the design manuals and policy criteria that I have to know in order to do my job to the best of my ability, and whatever else I need to learn. This is the challenging part of the whole situation at work and I am ready for all that I will go through and what I will learn about my company, about the people that I work for, and more importantly about myself as a growing maturing person.

After a month of work I will know for sure where I am and the best way for me to use my time at work and when I am off the clock. I have also decided to change my goals for the week to goals for the month and came to the realization of having a couple of key aspects that I care about and doing task accordingly. This sounds like a broken record, but I believe every time I do something similar to this I get a little closer to whom I ultimately and will become.

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