Working Out vs. Everything Else: What is really Priority?

I have been meaning to write this post for the longest and realized that there shouldn’t be a delay on it. I think this post will help me to realize what I spend most of my time on and what I classify as important vs. not compared to the actual existence.

My way of living now has changed some since the beginning of the year and also last year. But most of what I am going to say is still relevant. I am going to take a week of my:


7 days = 168 hrs

Work: 45 hrs + 5 hrs(travel) = 50 hrs

Sleep: 6 x 7 = 42 hrs

Left over: 76 hrs or 3 days, lets also say that we spend about 20 hrs or a day just bullshitting so I have about 48 hrs left for the week to do me. To do whatever I feel that I have to get done.

One thing that I noticed that I spend sometime on is working out. I work out approximately 2 times per week for 1.5 hours or 3 hrs.

So 3/48 = 6.25% of my whatever time is used to effectively workout my body which is important to me. I do other things such as blog on this website, read books, daydream, or whatever else I can’t seem to remember. I am seeing crazy amounts of improvement after I workout and don’t feel like it is a hassle in my life, but something I look forward of doing. I think the biggest observation about this analysis is that I still have tons of time to do other things that I like to do. Hell I just about to wrap up my 3rd blog post in a setting and know that I can continue to sit here and write about something else.

But truth be told I am wasting my time away on things. I am also starting to realize that certain things that I say are important to me might not be so. Why haven’t I finished up writing about my new car purchase on my other website? Why haven’t I finished my goals/mission for the year and coming more afterwards? Why haven’t I finished up my personal website on providing content? Why can’t I get my finances squared away when I am wasting money over finance charges? Why haven’t I finished writing my short story yet? Why I haven’t started my freelance business on my off time or signed up for toastmasters or a writing group or creative writing?

But I will find time to waste watching tv, daydreaming, spending time on buying things I don’t need or won’t use to it’s full potential, or whatever. I have to be really honest with myself about things that are important to me and things that I put on my plate to show off to others. The only person that I should care about getting things done to is myself because I am the one who is going to live with the consequences.

Again the insight is not that I look great in the mirror and feel good because I workout 6.25% of “me” time, but why am I chillin not doing the things that I said that moves me, that drives me, that gives me the energy to wake up each and every morning? That is the question that I have to think about and also the question that moves me to live for what I consider to be a “Good Life”.

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