Yes, Another New Direction of the Blog.

I have been thinking about this for at least a week and now figure it is time to reveal to the audience that I have my new direction of the blog. I’m excited and ready to see where it goes with everything. As I’ve been talking for the past couple of months and maybe a year, it is official as I started to devote the amount of time to this topic, it is going to be the focus: becoming a photographer.

What’s the Direction?

Becoming a photographer is some hard stuff. Just like anything that we are dealing with in the world, it takes time, dedication and self-motivation to see through. However, just learning about the camera isn’t enough, I have to know about the business side and dealing with people. So, the new name of the blog will be: Life is What You Make of It: “The story, struggle and triumph of an Angst Photographer”. Sure the name could be better named, but you get the point. I think the bigger eye opener is that I’m using subtitles to categorize my current state of my life.

Work, I Thank You.

I’m sure this whole thing will push people to not read what I got to say, but that is okay. I do hope that people see it as a bigger picture into what they can do for their own lives through me and modify, adjust and figure it all out in their own lives of whatever they are trying to achieve at the moment. As many will enjoy, this also means that I am not going to talk about work much now, I’m at a point in my life that work has done what it has to me and I feel a certain way towards it. I’m sure I could be more grateful, I guess I will be in many years to come. But, the thing that I do want to clear up before I move on is that work has helped get me in this place that I’m at right now. It has allowed me to wonder and daydream, to be angry and try new things, to see people who really want to do something different, but can’t do it because they are stuck in the mindset that was good enough to get them through the situations they have been in is still good enough for now. I have been given the opportunity to shake the shit out of myself and to be happy with who I am and that is a gift that I couldn’t have gotten anywhere if I didn’t go down the path that I did with work. So, lol, thank you, work, I really appreciate the life lessons you have taught me.

It’s Time to Get Started

Now that I’ve graduated from that and see a bright future in this field and how it will effect my family (I don’t know if it is affect, sorry Esther), that is the part that is scary and exciting. I look to it with open arms. So, the blog will get an uplift by the end of the week, and the topics are going to be something that I don’t know yet of, but I have a couple of ideas of the first couple of blog post and will get started in the coming days.

4 responses to “Yes, Another New Direction of the Blog.”

  1. I’d better see beaucoup phoyos on the blog now! Hey, have you started work on that photo-documentary of the homeless? I’d love to read a blog post about that!

  2. Yep. That is going to be the hardest part about this. Providing pictures. But I can do it. The homeless project is at a stand still right now because none of the organizations want me to talk/exploit the post-homeless people. They keep them on lock down. I’m thinking of other ways to get into the system. Should be posting that situation soon.

    Are you ready for the photoshoot today?

  3. Thanks, Mike! I wonder how it will go, but it is the direction that I feel comfortable going into. It will be interesting to look back a couple of years and see where I’m at.

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